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By The Kite Club

downwind adventure

​Embark on an unforgettable kite surfing journey with our 'Dream Spot to Mini Vella Island Adventure.' Your thrilling day starts with a convenient pick-up from Arasi Resorts' private beach, where you'll board a boat for an exciting journey to the dream spot. Upon arrival, you'll have time to set up your kite equipment and get ready for an exhilarating downwind experience. Riding the winds, you'll journey from the dream spot to the enchanting Mini Vella Island, a large sand bank nestled on the far side of the lagoon. The island's natural wildlife will greet you, adding to the charm of this remarkable location. Our professional kiters also love using the sand bank as a launchpad for breathtaking jumps, showcasing their skills and techniques. It's no wonder this trip has earned rave reviews from our delighted guests, making it a highly popular and sought-after adventure. Join us for the 'Dream Spot to Mini Vella Island Adventure' and experience the best of kite surfing amidst nature's beauty and adrenaline-pumping thrills! Season: December – April & May - August Timing: Pick Up: 10:00 / Drop Off: 17:00 Difficulty Level: 5 out of 10.

Image by Marcreation
Image by s a m e p l a y e r

island kite safari

Embark on an exciting kite surfing adventure with a lagoon boat journey to Uchchamane Island, a mere 30 minutes away. Once there, you'll have the opportunity to set up your kite equipment and enjoy the freedom of kiting both around and inside the island, thanks to the excellent wind conditions and flat waters. ​A thrilling downwind journey awaits from Uchchamane Island to the dream spot, spanning a distance of 30 kilometers. Weather permitting, you'll have the option to extend the ride further from the dream spot to a stunning sand bank in the Indian Ocean before heading back to the lagoon's sand bar. The boat will be there to collect kiters and equipment, ensuring a safe and convenient return to Arasi Resort. This kitesurfing trip promises a blend of excitement, breathtaking views, and memorable experiences for all those seeking the ultimate thrill on the water. ​Season: December – February Timing: Pick Up: 10:00 / Drop Off: 17:00 Difficulty Level: 10 out of 10. For an advanced kite surfer with a high level of fitness

Image by Caitlyn Vermeij

mini vella downwind

Join our exclusive 'Vella Island Downwind Expedition,' where you'll be whisked away from our private beach by boat to the picturesque Mini Vella Sand Bank. Once there, you'll set up your kiting equipment and prepare for an epic 19km downwind adventure to Wella Island Sand Bank. Wella Island boasts a mesmerizing 10km stretch of sand bank, adorned with charming fisherman huts and devoid of residents. Experience the sheer joy of riding on super flat waters and revel in the consistent and reliable winds that will accompany you throughout the journey. Please note that this exhilarating and endurance-driven excursion is designed for level 3 advanced kiters with an excellent fitness level. If you're up for the challenge and seek an extraordinary kite surfing experience, the 'Wella Island Downwind Expedition' awaits you! Timing: Pick Up: 6:00 / Drop Off: 17:00 Level: 10 out of 10: For an advanced kite surfer with a high level of fitness

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