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The Bar

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With its immersive atmosphere, The Bar at Arasi is the venue to visit for glistening sundowners or engaging nights out.


Chic vibes and rhythms of relaxing tunes set the perfect ambience to complement azure surroundings of the terrace. 

Cooking Eggs

Arasi Breakfast

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Rich, sumptuous flavors, unparalleled taste and texture, and a truly remarkable setting. Breakfast at Arasi offers spectacular water views, amazing sunrises and outstanding breakfast and brunch dining. 

Gourmet Meal

Arasi Dining

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Healthy, sun-kissed, wholesome and natural, The Shore at Arasi Resort Kalpitiya takes its inspiration from coastal cuisine and global lifestyle.
The menu specializes in organic meats and fish, olive oil, fresh herbs, unprocessed foods and grill cooking.

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