Located on the Kalpitiya Lagoon, we have the perfect butter flat spot right in front of the resort where you can launch meters from your room.

Kiting in Kalpitiya is broken into two warm and windy seasons, Summer & Winter.

The Summer season stretches from May through October and the Winter season runs from December to March. Both seasons average 20 knots of consistent wind per day, with temperatures between 26 - 28°c the norm). 


Our Kite School offers lessons from beginner to more advanced courses and the Kalpitiya Lagoon is the perfect place for lessons.

All our lessons are custom tailored to your specific needs.


Have you finished a kitesurfing course, but you don't have your own equipment? Or did you leave something at home?

It doesn't matter, you can rent everything from us!


Take a boat ride from your door step to Vella Island where you’ll be able to set up and launch your kites.


The surrounding waters are flat and the wind is stable, making it an amazing alternative to the more popular kite spots to the south.