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recover, connect

your ultimate waterfront bliss, where wellness adventure and serenity meet


At Arasi Resort, our mission is to provide a peaceful and beautiful sanctuary where guests can experience ultimate bliss and renewal. We strive to create a serene environment that rejuvenates the senses and promotes wellness, allowing individuals to recharge their batteries and find harmony within themselves and their surroundings. "


Panoramic views of the lagoon and garden views available, four-post queen bed, refreshing AC, open-air bathroom and extra large interior.

Experience luxury in nature.


kite club

Kalpitiya - ranked the 4th best kitesurfing destination worldwide.


Launch your Kite from your doorstep at Arasi Resort.

We facilitate Lessons, Kite Trips, Excursions and Rentals. Experience the exhilarating rush of kiting through the stunning landscapes of the North West region.

Your adventure from our private beach promises unforgettable moments.



Set off on captivating journeys.

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