Are you ready to experience the thrill of kiteboarding for yourself? 


Arasi Resort offers kiteboarding lessons for every level of experience, from beginners who have never dipped a toe in the water to advanced kiteboarders looking to improve their skills with professional instruction.


Crash course designed for beginners.

You’ll start with the basics, learning to carry and set up the lines and kite, determining wind direction, and flying and stopping a small training kite and of course, you’ll learn important safety rules & requirements.


We will also ensure you learn a basic understanding of wind mechanisms, equipment set up, launching & piloting.

3 hrs  \  €125

KITE SCHOOL - Level 1 & 2

Refine and improve your skill set.

In Level 2, you’ll move on to positioning and launching the kite, twisting and untwisting the lines while the kite flies, and recovering and landing the kite.

6 hrs  \  €240

KITE SCHOOL - Level 1, 2 & 3

Complete course to advance your abilities.

In Level 3, you’ll be hooking your kite to a harness, using the kite’s power, and launching the kite unassisted. You’ll also start to identify potential wind obstacles that signify unsafe kiting conditions.

As you progress, you’ll become more comfortable controlling the kite while you’re in the water and learn to set up, fly, and adjust a standard 4-line kite. And as you achieve Independent Kiteboarder status, you’ll master more advanced maneuvers to control the kite and your course and start working on jumps and tricks.


9hrs  \  €340